Jeep Renegade Lug Nut Size, Torque Specs

Navigating the world of automobile maintenance can sometimes be a puzzle. Especially when we talk about details like the size of lug nuts. For all the Jeep Renegade enthusiasts out there, this guide is the beacon you’ve been searching for. Dive in to discover the lug nut sizes for different trims, engines, and generations. Plus, get clued in on those critical torque specs!

Why Lug Nut Size Matters

  1. Safety First: Using the right lug nut size ensures the wheels are securely attached. A mismatch could risk the wheel coming loose.
  2. Damage Prevention: The wrong size can damage the wheel’s stud or hub.
  3. Time-saving: Knowing your lug nut size in advance saves time during replacements or maintenance.
  4. Cost-Effective: Incorrect sizes might require costly fixes or replacements.

Jeep Renegade: An Overview

Before diving into the specifics, let’s appreciate the Jeep Renegade. Known for its robust design, it’s a car that promises adventure and reliability. Its unique design and features have changed subtly over the years, but its spirit remains unchanged.

Jeep Renegade

Comprehensive Jeep Renegade Lug Nut Size Chart

Year Trim Lug Nut Size
2015 Sport 12mm x 1.25
2015 Latitude 12mm x 1.25
2015 Limited 12mm x 1.25
2016 Sport 12mm x 1.25
2016 Latitude 12mm x 1.25
2016 Limited 12mm x 1.25
2016 Trailhawk 12mm x 1.25
2017 Sport 12mm x 1.50
2017 Latitude 12mm x 1.50
2017 Limited 12mm x 1.50
2017 Trailhawk 12mm x 1.50
2018 Sport 12mm x 1.50
2018 Latitude 12mm x 1.50
2018 Limited 12mm x 1.50
2018 Trailhawk 12mm x 1.50
2019 Sport 12mm x 1.50
2019 Latitude 12mm x 1.50
2019 Limited 12mm x 1.50
2019 Trailhawk 12mm x 1.50
2020 Sport 12mm x 1.50
2020 Latitude 12mm x 1.50
2020 Limited 12mm x 1.50
2020 Trailhawk 12mm x 1.50
2021 Sport 12mm x 1.50
2021 Latitude 12mm x 1.50
2021 Limited 12mm x 1.50
2021 Trailhawk 12mm x 1.50
2022 Sport 12mm x 1.50
2022 Latitude 12mm x 1.50
2022 Limited 12mm x 1.50
2022 Trailhawk 12mm x 1.50
2023 Sport 12mm x 1.50
2023 Latitude 12mm x 1.50
2023 Limited 12mm x 1.50
2023 Trailhawk 12mm x 1.50
2024 Sport 12mm x 1.50
2024 Latitude 12mm x 1.50
2024 Limited 12mm x 1.50
2024 Trailhawk 12mm x 1.50

The values above are illustrative. It’s crucial to refer to the Jeep’s official user manual or consult with a dealership for exact specifications.

Why Wheel Nut Torque Matters

Ensuring correct wheel nut torque is more than just a numbers game; it’s about:

  1. Safety: Correct torque prevents wheel nuts from being too loose or too tight, avoiding potential wheel detachment.
  2. Performance: Proper torque ensures optimal contact between the wheel and hub.
  3. Longevity: It prevents damage to your wheel hub or brake rotors.

Jeep Compass Torque Chart by Trim

The wheel nut torque specifications can slightly vary based on the trim and the year of manufacture. Below is a summarized chart to give you a quick reference.

Year Trim Wheel Nut Torque (lb-ft)
2017-2019 Sport 100
2017-2019 Latitude 100
2017-2019 Limited 110
2017-2019 Trailhawk 110
2020-… Sport 105
2020-… Latitude 105
2020-… Limited 115
2020-… Trailhawk 115

Always check the vehicle’s user manual for precise specifications, especially if your model isn’t listed here.

A Brief on Torque Wrenches

If you’re looking to torque your wheel nuts accurately, you’ll need a reliable torque wrench. Here are some quick tips:

  • Calibration: Ensure your torque wrench is calibrated for accuracy.
  • Usage: When using the wrench, move in a crisscross or star pattern to ensure even pressure.
  • Storage: Store your torque wrench at its lowest setting to maintain its calibration.






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